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Welcome to the Managed Stack Explorer Homepage!

Do you ever need to get stack traces for your .NET 2.0 applications? Want a quick and easy way to monitor managed processes and threads? Need a way to view a thread's stack trace to investigate an application hang? If so, Managed Stack Explorer is for you.

Managed Stack Explorer is a lightweight tool that allows you to do just this. Simply copy the executable anywhere and start monitoring your stack traces today.

Check out all of the MSE Features for the 1.0 release. Learn more about the Managed Debugger Sample MDbg

Quick Start to using MSE
  1. Unzip MSE 1.0 Release
  2. Drag and drop the MSE.exe to the desired location (no install required)
  3. Run

Getting Started with MSE Development
  1. Install the following development tools
    1. FXCop 1.35 RC 1
    2. NUnit 2.2.7
    3. ILMerge
  2. Download the latest source
  3. Steps for Building MSE
  4. Steps for Running Verification Scripts

Contributing to MSE

We're looking for developers to join us in the 1.1 release. Check out the current work items at 1.1 Alpha.

Feel free to contribute by
  1. Either creating new or finding existing bugs or feature requests you want to work on
  2. Leave a note in the comments that you're going to investigate this bug (until you have developer rights, you won't be able to assign bugs to yourself)
  3. Download the latest sources and create a bug fix
  4. Zip up your changes and post them as an attachment to the work item
  5. Fill out the Project Assignment Agreement.TIF form and follow the MSE Assignment Agreement Instructions to send it to us.

Note that by posting your submission to the Issue Tracker, you agree to do so under the CodePlex TOU

Join the Community

There are numerous ways you can participate in the MSE community

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