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Dcoumentation issues


Two documentation things:
(1) Section 6.3 says:
MSE is a .NET 2.0 program and therefore can only get the stack trace of other .NET 2.0 programs. 
This is not true. .NET 2.0 programs can debug .NET 1.1, 1.0 programs (VS2005 can debug a .NET 1.1 app).
The problem is that the V1.1 ICorDebug doesn't play well with Com-interop, so it's tough to import to managed code.
(more about that here:
There are workarounds, such as importing with MC++ instead of com-interop ( )
The bottom line is that if some adventurous sole were to make the MC++ wrappers for V1.1 ICorDebug, then MSE should be able to view 1.1 stacks.
(2) This uses the MDbg wrappers to access ICorDebug for debugging support to collect the callstacks.
Could you add a link to MDbg in the docs?
  1. If folks want to experiment with adding more debugging functionality (such as printing locals for ecah frame), then this will provide them with further info.
  2. If there are any bug fixes to mdbg, this will help people find them.
    The best Mdbg information page is at:


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We'll definitely check out Issue #1 workarounds for our minor release and will update the documentation accordingly.

For Issue #2 i've updated the project's Wiki homepage. We'll have to wait for the 1.1 release to update the documentation.

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